Just be real

Just be real:

If you can’t be honest about who you are to yourself, how can you expect anybody else to believe you? What holds you from opening up into the world of possibilities where you can live your life free of fears and yes limitless?  When the world before you has told you and basically taught you that you have limits, boundaries that you cannot cross, who were those people or institutions, those controllers that are standing behind those bold words? As you’ve been told what to do and how to be, have you actually believed those people or was there always this constant inward pull of wanting your own voice to be heard? If you’re living your true self, and allowing the truest thoughts, words and actions to be what you live your life about, do you listen to your inner self, your soul, or do you listen to what everyone else has been telling you to be? I’ve met far too many people that live with such great fears that they don’t allow themselves to experience their own freedom in this world. It’s like we truly are in a constant unending slavery! Those that we love the most and are the closest to, our immediate family or coworkers even at times, unfortunately are the ones that we are afraid to know our truest self. Isn’t that a shame? Or is it from guilt? Well I personally believe that it was both that were taught as a child that you need to feel both of them emotions. To whose benefit? Not the child’s, that’s for sure.  However I will end on a good note! There are truly a rare few unique individuals that search within in order to live their life. Those are the few that I choose to spend the majority of my time with. I enjoy the freedom to just be me or to be quiet or to be happy or to be full of laughter or to be anything I want to be, because I love me and I am comfortable in my own skin and I am excepted just as i am! And those people are the true godsend. Angels here on earth per se. To me they are the few that have chosen to not take the easy path. Although it may be easy, it may not be right for you.  So don’t miss out on life, just be real!

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