Go on… I DARE You!

Yep! I remember from childhood being left by the school bus…. my mom was in her Pajamas… put me in the car and chased the bus… miss Avery! She got an earful… i just had to get on the bus after all that… Ironically funny it turned out later William (my brother) dated and really liked her daughter… i just know it’s random facts and funny jokes from our past that makes us such romantics! Fun loving beings that can say we were loved and still are loved deeply by family first! No matter our current, our families mean “roots” and drive us into many decisions. I have so many fond memories of childhood as well as the adventures of growing up as a stubborn teenager and now I’m still creating new experiences to enjoy my life as it is now.  Writing has always been an outlet. While I needed many outlets as a child, I am now finally as an adult creating those outlets. I care more about time, mainly quality time with those that I love and I care about much more than any bit of physical work that involves money because in those moments, money is so involved that at the end of the day, you wonder, how could I have spent my day otherwise. I just hope that my clients always love spending their time with me. I know while I always enjoy receiving their blessings of money,  I do also enjoy spending time getting to know each of them: As a person!

I dare you to get to know people for who they are truly on the inside without judgment!

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