The Golden Girls

How many times have you ever watched the Golden girls? Have you ever been in a bad state of mind & needed something to watch? Going to the Golden girls is always a good one. Everybody needs a friend. We’ve all traveled down the road and back again. You find your pals in& with  your confidants…But if you ever had a party and invited everybody you knew, who would show up? Where are you right now in your life with your friends, your community, do you love your job? If you’re not happy right now, I recommend watching the Golden girls as a prerequisite to thinking about the rest of your life. May sound silly but you will then start to think about things on a different level. We will all be babies at one point and then we turn into the rest of life as toddlers, teens, eventually adults but at what point are we actually adults? You can refer back to labels and chaos and wonder how are we given the label adult as who needs to understand at what point of life we are actually at? I don’t even read the Bible on a regular but one thing I do remember about it is it at one point we are told to be like babes. We were told to be like the child like mindset so that we can continue to learn as innocent. I think as adults we become less innocent because we think we are no longer able to be like children. The only thing I can recommend at this point if you’re reading this far and wondering how to be less like an adult and more like a child but in the adult form, start to think about what you actually want in life. Stop thinking about what everybody else wants for you. Then you will be able to form the life that you actually want once again. Enjoy life, take in every breath make the best of it. They say we only have one life, I don’t really know if that’s true but at each point in life we are learning something new. And we are able because of our free spirit to form exactly what we want in our next life if we’re not quite there yet. So start now! Enjoy life always. Make it better than it was as you remember it. It’s at this point that you will then start to begin to wonder what this life was created for to begin with! Make it better human friends!

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